Finances Stuck on a Highway Going Nowhere?

  •    »   Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?
  •    »   Worried about the next unplanned expense?
  •    »   Have little or no money in savings?
  •    »   Have lots of credit card debt?
  •    »   Don’t know how much you owe?
  •    »   Christmas & Vacations mean more debt?
  •    »   Regularly spend more than you earn?

If this list looks familiar, you’re in the right place.   Our goal is to show you ways you can change all of these financial pitfalls you’re experiencing.   By making a U-Turn with your finances and heading them in the right direction, you will provide a more peacuful, secure and life-changing future for you and your family.

« Committing to Making a Change »

The first step in making a change in your financial future is to make a commitment to change the way you’ve managed your finances in the past.   Because while past performance can’t guarantee a stock or mutual fund’s future performance, I promise you that YOUR past performance with your money WILL determine your future performance unless you make a change.   You have to want to change and be committed to doing so, even if it means cutting back in some areas you previously considered sacred.   The goal in the end is that you realize you can’t continue to spend the way you previously have and expect to reach your financial goals.

« It’s All About Spending »

We are all Money Spenders.   Spending less than you earn sounds simple and logical, but in fact, for a lot of people it isn’t.   All of us, including me, have to work at it constantly.   It really doesn’t matter how much you earn, everyone can be an overspender.  There are too many ways to spend more than we earn, with easy credit available to everyone.   It’s too easy to walk into a store or look online, and see the latest  {insert the name of your favorite item here} , but you know you don’t have the money to buy it right now.  So now you feel bad because you deserve it!  But wait, you have your credit card and you can easily pay it off over the next x months.   Of course this is the same thing you’ve been telling yourself for the past several years, every time you go through this routine.   And you do it. You take on more debt that puts you even further behind.   Welcome to the club, and it’s not an exclusive one at all, of those who spend more than they make every month.

« It’s Should be About Managing »

We need to be Money Managers.   To change your financial future, you have to stop spending more than you make, today.   It’s not how much you earn, it’s learning how to manage what you do have.   No more new debt of any kind.   If you don’t have it the cash (or money in checking), don’t buy it. Period. If you stick to this rule, and follow the MMFL Money Map ® laid out here for developing a plan, you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t start sooner.   You’ll see how much more fulfilling it is to have money set aside for life’s curves, than it is to have the latest gadget or newest vehicle.   What will surprise you is that before you know it, if you consistently work and follow your plan, you’ll be reaching financial heights you never would have dreamed possible.

« Remapping Your Future »

In the end though, it’s really up to each person to decide what works best for their situation.   We’ve all tried many different money management techniques (or maybe not), that’s why you’re here right?   Some have worked fairly well, others haven’t work at all. Hopefully you’ll find something here that sparks you to finally tackle your finances and will help you manage your money better.   I’m fully confident that if you use the MMFL Money Map ® you will be successful in becoming a better money manager.

« The MMFL Money Map ® »

MMFL Money Map ®

» Track           Find Out Where Your Money’s Going

» Plan           Plan for Unexpected & Irregular Expenses

» Payoff           Pay off Your Debts Sooner

» Save           Tailor an Emergency Fund for You

» Balance           Create a Balanced Spending Plan

» Live           Live in more Financial Peace

Available in Spring 2007, our latest product, the MMFL Money Map ® is your guide to better money management.This is the formula for a more secure, less stressful, financial future.    This guidebook, complete with exercises, tips and printable worksheets also includes the MMFL Spending Plan and the MMFL Freedom Account spreadsheets.

Take advantage of our years of financial experience rolled into one guidebook.   These techniques have worked for many other people and they can work for you!   Download the MMFL Money Map ®package today and take control of your finances forever.   Follow the steps in the MMFL Money Map ®, do the exercises, and as I said earlier, you’ll soon realize how nice it is eliminate the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding your finances.

« The MMFL Website & Blog »

We will also offer continuing help along the way through this website and blog.   Our goal is to help everyone we can in their quest for financial freedom.   We will, on a regular basis, provide fresh, current information about financial matters and things that affect your money.   We’ll offer better ways to save (and spend) that will include an assortment of different topics.   Hopefully this will provide the support and encouragement you need to better plan while you travel your own financial roadmap.   We will be posting updated, timely articles and files here regularly so check back frequently.

Topics will include:

  •    » Articles on Money Management Techniques
  •    » Reviews of Personal Finance Books & Software
  •    » Money Saving Ideas
  •    » Spreadsheets and Financial Calculators
  •    » Links to Other Good Financial Websites